String Ferrule Fitment


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I recently ordered a string through bass body from Warmoth, and had them add in a set of string ferrules. I’ve ordered string through bodes before, and have always had ferrules that were larger than the holes on the body. So I’m used to having to gently tap them in, and voila! All done. But on this body, the ferrules provided just fall right out of the body. The holes are much larger than the ferrules. I’ve never encountered this before. What are some good tips and tricks on getting these installed to where they stay securely in the body? I’ve heated them with soldering iron to squeeze them into holes before. Could I squeeze them more open while heating to get them, to get them to hug the hole? I don’t want to lose them every time I change strings. Thanks!


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You could try painting the inside of the hole with poly.  Or use aluminum foil to snug them up.  Or both.  Never had that problem before, always the reverse, having to make the hole bigger.


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I have one suggestion, get a roll of silver aluminum foil tape.  The kind meant for installing hvac ducts.  You can get it at basically any hardware store.  It's easily cut with a pair of scissors.  Slowly build up the width by wrapping layers around the ferrules and test fit as you go.  It might work, it might not.  I've used this method for fitting tuning machine bushings to headstock peg holes.  Like I say, it may work, it may not.  If it does, it means you don't need to buy new ferrules.