Strat Project Question


I used to own a MIM Strat and sold it about 10 years ago and now I'm finding I want another.  I would like it to somewhat resemble SRV's "Lenny" but don't want to spend $17,000 on it ya know?  I was thinking about buying a pretty nice American Strat and refinishing it in that color, any advice?  What color would you call that anyway?  I could just buy a Warmoth body and put it with some Fender parts/electronics.  I really really want that guitar but I just need to know if I'm getting in over my head.  All I would be changing would be the color, so anything would be appreciated, thanks.
Your looking for an American Made Strat that resembles SRV's Lenny?
Fender sells one that's expensive, but I always thought it was silly to buy a pre-aged guitar.  I agree it's stupid.

My advice, get a MIM, upgrade the pups to something SRV used, swap out the neck for a warmoth SRV neck and age it yourself.
As to color, sorry can't help you.
How about "Trans Brown"

The Warmoth page shows trans brown over a mahogany body, but maybe the same finish over an alder body would be OK?
If it was me, I'd start with something like this (available in the showcase):

Then get that SRV neck and hardware... Just my opionin...
I'd go with a clean alder body and finish it yourself. I haven't seen warmoth do anything that's exactly like Lenny. Good luck. I bet there;s some kind of shoe polish that would replicate it well. Put clear coats over that..?
I gotta agree with stormbringer, that's a beaut. that one makes my sphinkter tingle