Strat Pickup in Tele


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I have always been a Tele guy, but I think I have recently been converted.
I do still greatly prefer the look of a tele to a strat, so I am wondering if I got a tele body routed for three strat pickups what would the sound difference be? Because of the body shape am I going to be missing the strat sweet spots?
Don't see how you wouldn't; you've going to need to custom order the body, as practically everything in the Showcase is routed for a Tele bridge; options:

1.) Custom order body for Strat hardtail or tremolo tremolo bridge and S-S-S PU routing
2.) For a Showcase body, you can have the neck/middle Strat PU routes (custom order Warmoth pickguard if using pickguard). You can put a Tele or custom Tele PU (SD Lil'59 or JBJr. come in Tele bridge form factors for an S-S-H option) in a standard Tele bridge and get the best of both worlds as "classic Strat" sound is primarily from neck.middle PU. OR order an HB re-route of bridge pickup route and use any HB you want in a S-S-H config.

You can custom order the body with Strat style comfort contours as well...
You might want to try some of those three pick up teles at guitar center.  Nothing like playing it for yourself to see how it sounds. 
Jack, yes, thats a Nashville.

The idea of Strat, Strat, Tele-bridge pickup is a good one - esp if you use a good Tele pickup - the Fender 52ri for instance is a really good medium fat bridge pickup for tele.

I for one, dont like the Strat bridge pickups, or lack of control thereof.  The SST combo works well, +and+ any tele body on the showcase can be routed for it.  If ya NEED trem, then ad a Bigsby with a slotted tele bridge plate.

The Nashville ones, use a neck pickup in the middle position, and have it set VERY low for good balance... since Strat pickups tend to be just a hair more powerful than Tele.

Its a good idea, I've played one, and the tones are strat-like, but tele like too... brother Vic has a real nice one.

I converted my MIM tele to Strat - Strat - Rail HB tele shape.  My strat pickups are Dimarzio Virtual Vintage which are great - now my tele sounds like a strat, or even a little like a LP in the bridge position!  Super-versatile - although it's lost it's tele character, it is my most versatile and tough guitar for live use.  I cannot deal with hum, so I only use "noiseless" pickups.  I would recommend a tele shaped bridge pickup, at least, so you can use the bridge to convert it back to a regular tele if you want to.  Just get HHH rout and you should be set for any config - get the pickguard to make what you want happen!
Thanks for the replies.
I didn't even know they made teles like that, I will have to go down to a shop and see if I can play one, but I can't imagine not liking it.
Spauldingrules brings up my next question - does getting a HHH rout affect the tone at all? I it seems like a lot of extra wood being taken out, but I don't know too much about this stuff so I don't know.
People pay extra for hollow bodies - I didn't notice a big difference.  Maybe even more resonant after routing the middle.