Star-copy finally completed: THE GLITZKRIEG

These photos are the best I could do with my girlfriend's camera.  The live shots, while not as detailed, are really what it's all about anyway, as this guitar was designed to be ROCKED, not STOCKED away forever as some sort of centerpiece.

Mahogany body
Wenge/Brazilian Rosewood neck w/abalone inlays
Planet Waves auto-trim tuners
Bareknuckle Warpig calibrated Alnico V humbucker set (one volume for each, no tone knob)
Glitzkrieg paintjob inspired by the vintage Charvel stars, designed by myself and executed by Lee Garver and his graphics man Dan at GMW Guitars in Glendora, California.

This axe sings with all the strength of Valhalla.





nice axe! I've been thinking about building an explorer/star styled guitar for a while now. I kinda wanted to make a dean ML-ish type of guitar with my own twists (possibly diamond plating or something) :headbang1:
WarmothRules said:
wow!!! Very nice indeed. How are those tone woods treating you?

Dude, what an awesome combination.  Granted, the Warmoth Star copy is a little low on actual wood mass, so I went all-out on pickups which I suspect are really doing a large part of my tonal work.  With a beefier body, this thing would probably sound even huger than it does.  Talking about tone is difficult, but I think the Mahogany/Wenge/Br.Rosewood combo really makes the thing sound very organic and alive.  Great tonal range all around, very balanced.