Stained birdseye?


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I saw something recently that got the machination in my mind turning.  I saw bookmatched birdseye maple for a guitar body lamtop.  Given some of the cool finishes like bengal burst and tiger's eye, I wonder how a birdseye lamtop my do with these types of finishes?  I wonder if it would really highlight and give a 3-D appearance to the birdseyes? 

I'd love to hear from you finishing gurus about this.  Yes?  No?
Not really.  You can often get some birdeye that has some light flame or quilting in the figure, but I've never seen any that has flame/quilt to the degree that you could get the 3-D effect like you see in many 5A flame or quilt book matched tops. If they had some wood like that it would likely be very expensive, but I've never seen any. More typical is the light flaming/quilting like on the Jbass neck going on my Swamp Ash build below. I'm "tanning" it like Tonar posted about...

Don't make me post my birdseye strat again ;)

My BE lamtop is extremely 3d!  just can't get is to show right on the pictures
I'm sorry nonsense.. won't do it again..
instead I will show you my Washburn bass, it also has a great birdseye maple top, with some quilting on it:


(don't ask why I haven't removed the plastic bit.. I have no idea. maybe i should do it right now :))
A cool top!!!! But I don't like much the design of the bass... and yes, remove the plastic :laughing7:
Love that birdseye Strat, Marko.  I never did see that one before. 

Jack, I think you answered my question, but I'm not sure.  I'm not interested about flame or quilt mixed with the birdseyes.  I'm envisioning the way the bengal burst or tiger's eye finish makes the quilt look 3-D, but used to make the birdseyes look 3-D relative to the rest of the wood.  For example, the birdseyes having a darker color and the remaining wood a lighter color, with a gradation in between, similar to the ridges in the quilt maple finishes.  Does that make sense?  If your first answer applied to this, sorry.  I wasn't sure if I communicated my thought well enough.
You're not going to kill a birds with a bengal burst, are you Doc? :(

Tiger's Eye or Tobbaco  :toothy10:
NonsenseTele said:
You're not going to kill a birds with a bengal burst, are you Doc? :(

Tiger's Eye or Tobbaco  :toothy10:

You know how bengal burst has black dye on the part of the quilt and dark yellow on the rest of the wood, leading to that 3D appearance.  I'm thinking like black birdseyes with a color transition to the rest of the maple in the dark yellow, making them appear like dark peaks.  Or vice versa, make them appear like dark yellow peaks.  Same as with tiger's eye.
You will have a very hard time dying birdseye.  It goes splotchy on you.  You can tint the lacquer/finish and get the colors that way, but the depth that comes from dying is pretty much out of the picture.  Which brings up a question...  I saw a fender strat with a black birdseye neck and was wondering if black would work because of the saturation of colors.  Can't find the picture, rats.  I guess I'll get some test pieces from eBay and test that theory.  But back to the original point, dyeing doesn't work well with birdseye, so the multi layer finishes like the tigers eye, or any of the dark background figure, light cover coat will be difficult at best.