Some good news for overseas customers


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Have been having trouble ordering a non showcase body from Warmoth due to the fact
i need to fax post or phone my order through and being in Australia i didnt like
the idea of my credit details flying all over space via a fax and who knowes where it lands same for a letter
plus the cost of the calls and also having to stay up until Warmoth is open to make a phone call
so it made things a little difficult. I contacted Warmoth previously to no avail and again today via email seeing if there was a solution
like using my credit card detail from when i bought my necks etc but its a no go. The good news is for
anyone wanting to order a personalised body to your specs from overseas is that Warmoth in a week or 2
will have an online configurater on a secure site so at that point you should be able to order body, neck, pickguard,
and any hardware straight from their secure e-store.

Well done Warmoth
I've never had a problem getting up v. early, or staying up late, to give Warmoth a ring when I wanted to order... and I'm from Australia, too. To me, the end result and my need to get the body or neck over-rided any inconvenience of losing a little sleep.

Didn't bother me that I gave the credit card details over the phone during the order either. I knew I was talking to Warmoth.

But I can understand your concerns about sending an order via fax (there are odd occasions they go astray),  and sending credit card details via unsecured email has long been an internet etiquette no-no.

The extra feature you mentioned will make things a little easier, which is good.

But it will probably have limitations and I'm guessing more exotic body or neck requests will still require the odd hour (for Australians!) phone call.
Hey Pete its just so much easier to be able to do it online and securely when the site has it available for showcase its got to be an easy transition to make it available for online configuration. I wont be ordering anything exotic as anything i build becomes a work guitar and just need to change some routes etc. My credit card details, i am very gun shy of, secure site is just my preferred way of doing business


Have been having a play with the new configurator for bodies,
just got to be careful with what you play with that the idea doesnt turn into
a hit the buy button.


edit for speeling  lol
Viva le https!!!  :hello2: Must mention that had very nice and efficient communication with Dan.

Paypal and Warmoth???
Never had problems with fax.  For any issues, they usually email me and we just run over it.  A good way of documenting the order and any changes subsequently.  I use the same email thread to check on progress and delivery status.

However, I also welcome the idea of a configurator.
Warmoth have been excellent responding to emails with recent purchaces and i like the configure and buy option. Jobs done other than a few notes to Warmoth.
Edin said:
Viva le https!!!  :hello2: Must mention that had very nice and efficient communication with Dan.

Paypal and Warmoth???

PayPal is a pain in the backside - secure site for me any day  :glasses9: