SOME BODY HELP!!! Vintage Bass Kahler


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I picked up a vintage Bass Kahler on eBAY for a song...I am now looking for a body to put it on.  It is one of the forward saddle styles and I am concerned that some bodys may not have enought room to mount it since it is a large piece.  I am worried about the material needed to fit from the approx line of innotation and the back of the whammy.  I am guessing I will need about 3-4 inches.  I know it will fit on a Thunderbird but worry about other bodies.  I was hoping it would fit on a G4.

Anyone have any experience or know how much room some of these bodies have?  I will take some measurements when it arrived.
bumpiong this up...I did measure an I do need 3 inches...HELP :icon_biggrin: