Soloist vs Strat 7/8 fret access?


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Hello friends!

I play a lot around the 12-22 frets, so I was wondering which body shape has the better fret access between a Soloist and a 7/8 Strat. I don't care if the neck has 25.5" or 24.75" scale, I can adapt to either.

From the pictures, I can see the soloist has a pretty decent scoop around the lower horn, and it bolts around the 16th fret like any other strat.
The 7/8 strat seems to have a nice scoop around the lower horn too... and apparently it bolts around the 17th fret... not sure if that makes any difference?

The reason I'm asking this is I had a Warmoth strat with a 24.75" neck. It was a great guitar, but I felt the fret access around 20-22 frets a little difficult to reach, mostly because the shorter scale makes the 22nd fret closer to the neck pickup than a regular strat.

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