similar to maple


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i love the feel of the maple fretboard on my strat - it is smooth and cold like glass.

what dark colour wood is similar in feel?
no, i have a les paul studio lite with a ebony fretboard. though way smoother than rosewood, still is not in the same league as maple.
Is your neck relatively new, or does it have a fair amount of wear to it?  I agree with Line6--you will get the same feel with any other fretboard that is finished. If your fretboard is worn out, like Eddie Van Halen's or Jim Weider's (his is almost grey from years of use), you will have a different feel entirely.
from warmoth's neck finishes page, it looks like only a maple fretboard can be finished.
Rickenbacker uses finished Bubinga for their fingerboards.  Very similar to maple in feel, kinda looks like rosewood.
'Tis true.  On maple, you are (or you should be) feeling the finish.  I used to love maple, but I like the feel of the real wood better, as opposed to the finish.
they say maple should be finished, but I have 2 birdseye necks with only just some light coats of lemon oil. Keeps the raw feel, they are much like my EBMM EVH neck. And both necks are straight as arrows after many years. So I think the need for maple to have a hard finish is a farce. As for a wood that is comparable to maple, I can't think of one that is..... :dontknow:
I recently saw some footage of Jim Weider's instructional video on YouTube. He's cool to listen to, and he shows how he was able to pull off a lot of the Roy Buchanan stuff he learned. After seeing his '52 Tele, the finish is so worn off of the fretboard that it looks like he rubbed it with a lead tire balancing weight. I know that is from years and years of being in bars, and having everything from the moisture from a sweaty beer bottle to car grease to fryer oil frm french fries to barbecue sauce rubbed into it. How does a neck like that stay protected?  Is it now vulnerable due to the lack of finish, or what is the case?