Side pocket shim?


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First off, NO, its not a Warmoth... I have a body that has a wide neck hell pocket and there is a space between the neck and the side of the pocket on the low side.. Now Ive leaned how to shim necks,but Ive not encountered a situation yet where I need to shim the side of the neck. What do I use? Somenone did tell me to use bbrass plumbers screen to make sure the shim didnt slip.


Is the gap causing the neck to be pulled out of alignment? If not, I wouldn't worry about it. The most important part is the mating surface between the bottom of the neck pocket and the back of the neck.


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I do this if it's needed, just so I know it's not going to go anywhere.... I don't think it's a tone-bearing surface. I'll use anything I can find. If you know anyone wearing medical patches - birth-control, nicotine etc. - there's stiff, clear plastic protective pieces about .002" thick on each one that make good, invisible side shims.


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The only problem with a wide neck pocket is whether the neck slips left or right out of alignment. To prevent the neck from moving, use a 1" x 1" metal screen square (like window screen) in between the neck and body on the floor of the pocket between the screws. The screen bites into both pieces of wood and slipping is a thing of the past. The force of the screws holding the neck and body together is where the resonance of the two pieces really transfer vibration. The neck pocket's walls resonance transfer to the neck is very minimal in comparison with the pocket floor.