Short scale bass / baritone


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This may be a stupid question, but...

Could I put a bass nut on a baritone neck and a bass bridge on a warmoth body to make a shortscale bass??  Or will the string tension kill the neck???  Or will the neck not be wide enough???

since they make guitar necks wide at the nut for the most part, id say its wide enough.
1 11/16
compared to
1 1/2 -1 11/16

so i bet it will work, if the neck will take the tension, i think bass i about the same, don't quote me on that.
you should have no tension issues since the guitar neck utilizes a trussrod. I believe that your biggest issue is going to be finding a bass bridge narrow enough to match the skinnier guitar neck.

a standard Strat guitar neck is 2-3/16" wide at the heel
a standard Fender bass neck is 2-1/2" wide at the heel

if you leave yourself 1/8" of space on each side of the neck, this leaves you an effective width of 1-15/16" on the guitar neck. you'll need to find a bass bridge with 16mm or 16.5mm string spacing. the only bridge I know of that will come close is a Hipshot Type A with .656" (16.7mm) spacing.

draw the design out full scale and see for yourself if you're comfortable with the strings that close to the edge of the neck

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