Seymour Duncan P-Rails


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anybody heard these in person yet? what do you think of them?

Nope, but on the basis of that clip I'm gonna put a set in the VW body I scored on the blowout sale...
cool! you'll have to let us know how they sound when you get it togther. That clip is making me re-think my pickup choice for the build im doing..current pickup choice is 3 SD stag-mags. Im a big fan of that single coil neck pickup sound and that P-rails had some nice tones....

May be a little while, have to finish the L5S first, and will probably wind up ordering a custom neck for the VW body, can't find one that's "just right" in the Showcase...
Been looking around the 'net; SD apparently introduced these at the NAMM show, but they don't seem to be for sale yet...
wow! ya know i can never decide what i like in the neck position, they all soun good. now i dont have to choose. i feel a new project coming on! :headbang1: :headbang1:
I don't know about the Duncans, but I've got 3 Dimarzio Dual blade pickups in my cheapo Mexican Strat that have turned it into a monster.  I have a Super Distortion S in the bridge, a Pro Track in the middle and a Cruiser in the neck position.  i love all of these pickups very useful sound, especially the Cruiser, its got the best single coil sound I have personally ever come across.
Truly fantastic concept. But anybody else feel like the humbucker tones were a little lacking?
I didn't think so; you have to consider all the other tones you get...

Can't find ANYBODY with those new SD SHPR-1 pickups in stock; emailed SD will let everybody know what they respond with as to availability....
Got this back from SD today; they're only 89.95 ea - thought they'd be more; and they're only showing black ones, but works for my project...

Dealer won't have P-Rails for another few weeks. I'd try preordering a set through Wymore Guitars. scroll to thebottom.

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leave it to seymore duncan to invent cool stuff

the hum tones are lacking only becasue look at the madnes in component configuration

confederatewk said:
leave it to seymore duncan to invent cool stuff

the hum tones are lacking only becasue look at the madnes in component configuration


you haven't even tried them, and you already judge the 'hum tones'. its one BIG coil with another even BIGGER coil with 2 seperate magnets. From personal experience I can tell you: that gives you one hell of a humbucker. I have made that pickup already myself (a bit different in styling, but same principal) and it works like a charm. First try, then judge.
i thought all the tones were lacking do to the fact that it is a YOU TUBE VIDEO. crappy compresion that is why. plus what are you playing it through? i don't exactly have a high fidelity sound system hooked to my computer at the moment how about you?
i could imagine the single coil tones lacking, i can't say they will because i've never split a rails, never wanted to it sounds awsome how it is. but i'm quite partial to rod magnets in my single coils.
"i could imagine the single coil tones lacking"

Keep in mind that in this instance, the SC is a P90...
touche' jack.

i meant the rail alone but i think you knew that, i can't wait to try one. if the rails isn't my idea of a great single coil the other 3 combo's should make up for it. i'll see if i can get a friend who speaks japanese to help me order one at a local store.
hey, have any specs been released on this yet, magnet type, dc resistence, ect.? i'd realy like to get one and want an idea of what to hatch it with in the bridge. thanks
Specs are on the SD website; a matched set should be the trick; still haven't shipped to dealers yet
thanks jack. i checked a couple days ago and must've missed it. the thing about a matched set is i would only use a full humbucker in the bridge so i don't see the need.