Seymour Duncan Hot Soapbar SP90-2


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Would you say this is too hot for the neck position of a semi-hollow? Seymour Duncan has neglected to list any actual numbers, perhaps because they wind p90s by amount of wire instead of electric characteristics?
It would be paired with a single-coil sized rail humbucker placed a little farther up than a normal bridge pickup.

are these the numbers you're looking for?

Hot P-90 Soapbar
DC Resistance:
Neck: 11.86 k
Bridge: 14.9 k

Resonant Peak:
Neck: 5.1 KHz
Bridge: 4.7 KHz

their "vintage" ones are:

Neck: 8.22 k
Bridge: 9.35 k

Neck: 4.3 KHz
Bridge: 3.8 KHz
Those specs look pretty close the Rio Grande JazzBar/BluesBar "hot" P90 set; I've got them in a Thinline, not too hot for me, what kind of music/sound are you shooting for?
Ah, thanks for that. Its a bit embarrassing, right off the website and I missed them.

As far as tone goes, I like what I've heard of several standard, big name, p90 pickups. Seymour Duncan, Dimarzio, etc. Whatever they're aiming to recreate, I like the sounds of the recreations. More or less exactly what I'm looking for in the neck.

Those numbers will help with matching things up. I'm assuming that paired with a humbucker, one of those two coils, when tapped, should be oriented properly to eliminate hum with the p90.
My experience is... you want a fairly lightly wound P90 in the neck, for two reasons.  First, the tone is easy to muddy up with a hot P90 in the neck, second is P90's are VERY powerful - stronger than a lot of humbuckers and you'll need a REALLY hot HB in the bridge to match - also adding to a loss of bright.

I've done three of the P90's in the neck in the last year... always using the rather medium (for a P90) wound Gibson.  The hotter Duncan... I just cant see it, unless you match it with another at the bridge.  I CAN see going Lollar or even Fralin at the neck though... .slightly underwound at that.
I was considering the Vintage Soapbar SP90-1 at first, however it seems it may be "too vintage"

"To be vintage correct, the SP90-1 is wound with plain enamel wire on the same Leesona winder that wound the 1950s versions." From the website

Would this construction undermine the reliability, I wonder?
No, absolutely not undermine the reliability... in fact P90's are rather robustly constructed.
hi guys.. just wanna ask about the Seymour's SJM3 ( quater pound for jazzmaster ) bridge position..will it muudy up the tones or loss brightness? im using a mahogany neck thru firebird replica

it's definitely not as bright as the vintage model
hey thanks a in the remote part of the third the options are very very limited for us here..unless we r rich enuff to order every single thing..but that wont stop me in the search of 'the sound' im looking for.. thank god i have u guys in this bout lindy fralin's soapbars?? or any other brands that u guys would strongly recomend?  :help: