Seymour Duncan Custom Shop


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Has anybody ever had anything done through the duncan custom shop?  I emailed the regular duncan site to
see if it was possible to get the seth lover pickups uncovered, in red and wax potted and they referred me over there.

The Duncan custom shop will do almost anything....but it's not cheap.  I called about some custom wound PAF's awhile ago but the price was over $200 each.  I passed to say the least. 

Some of the guys on the SD forums have gotten things from them, and I haven't heard any negatives other than price.
I ordered a Zebra coil JB Trembucker w/ no label...In other words, No "Seymour Duncan" written on the pup.
Fantastic pickup for my Charvel.
I ordered a Super V humbucker through this dealer
I know RockStarNick ordered custom wound pickups from them... three 9.1K 59s and one 9.3K.
Yeah I've also heard they are great but real expensive.
No experience personally