Schaller Vintage Style Tremolo system with 42mm block + 37mm included, nickel SOLD


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Schaller Vintage Style Tremolo system with 42mm block installed professionally, plus the original 37mm block bundled, nickel finish. This system is designed to fit Schaller Floyd style routs. Includes full Schaller tremolo system with tremolo arm, sealed pivot posts/bushings, sealed springs/tremolo claw, sealed adjustment wrench tools, and an additional 37mm Schaller tremolo block (see photos).

Condition is lightly used and has been cleaned and polished. Will ship USPS Priority in padded envelope in the original box (see photos).

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@LushTone I just want to acknowledge that not only is the bridge complete and in good condition, it is in PRISTINE shape. Thank you so much.
Excellent!! Thank you! Glad it made it safely to you and a fellow Warmoth gearhead.
I always try to represent the condition of my sale listings honestly. It’s a great bridge that never ended up on a finished project and was handled with care.

(P.S. If you have a chance to leave feedback on eBay I’d really appreciate it!)