Schaller megaswitch wiring question


I put a Schaller megaswitch E in my guitar - bridge humbucker and 2 single coils.  The switch automatically splits the humbucker in the bridge in the #2 position and then in the center position it splits to the other coil and mixes it with the neck pup rather than the middle pup alone... The end result is that you get humbucking in 4 of 5 positions.

The diagram for the switch says to wire the coil tap to the #2 tab.  The pickup diagram says that red and white are the inside coil and green and black the one closest to the bridge.  I wired the green and white wires together to the 2nd tab.  The switch splits the pickup but to the wrong coils so when it should be the inside coil, it is the outside and visa versa so I don't get the advantage of being humbucking in the 2 or 3 positions.  Any idea how I should change the wiring?

here's the photo... you see the red wire goes to #1 tab, the black to the pot and the green and white together to #2...