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hey folks, I'm wondering, can a gotoh-wilkinson tremolo fit into a route for a std. fender tremolo?  At first, I figured they were the same because stew-mac has one routing template that they use for both.  However, when I look at the instructions on the W site, and pictures of installations that some of you have done, I'm not sure.  Any experience w/ this? 

I ordered a body with a std fender route, and want to be sure I can install the wilkinson as is.  If additional routing is necessary, I can do that, but would like to be sure.

As far as I know, the Wilkinson was made as a replacement for the standard (2 stud) fender trem. should be the same spacing.
I have never tried to replaced one myself though...
Stud spacing is the same, but holes drilled for the bushings may not be of the same diameter. That said, the studs for one may work with the other.

Did that help at all?  :dontknow: Doubt it.
Thanks guys.  The drilling will be easy...just hopefully won't have to do routing.
I'm afraid you have to rout a little bit. I'll try to explain why.

the tremblock needs space, and the routing through the top on an am.std.trem is smaller than on the wilkinson-version, as you can see on the warmoth-website. There is, inside the body, enough space, but the wilkinson-tremblock will constantly hit the little rim/edge of wood when you dive. It will, eventually, make a crack if you dive too deep. It will fit, though, no problem, but diving will be a problem.

How can this be solved? Just rout enough behind the tremblock (that piece of wood is just 2 or 3 mm thick) so you can work with the trem. If its not a tight, clean line; no problem. The block were the saddles are, will cover it up.

Do you understand what I mean? :p if not, I'll make you a little sketch.
thanks...I ended up making a routing template based on some drawings, got it validated by folks at warmoth, and then did the routing.  the routing and installation went fine...and I'll post pics as soon as I get the new guitar back from my technician (final neck/bridge setup).  I've attached the template that I made, in case it can be useful to anyone else.



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If you don't have a router a chisel will work, its only a few mm of wood you can just trim those area to fit.
Hey Dm251z, did you have to mess with redrilling the holes, or did it slip right in?
I drilled and routed according to the template that I posted, and it worked fine.  I used the measurement calculator on Stewmac to figure the distance from the nut to the stud-holes. 

I haven't posted pics of the finished product because I am redoing the electronics.  I am not happy with the hum.

Awesome info - I have a modern Tele build in the works, and was curious if a Wilkinson 2 point tremolo could be swapped out for the 2 point Fender unit without much drama. I found a few Wilkinson body routing templates online, but I was wondering if you could just Dremel out the small amounts of wood without buying the acrylic template and using a router? It doesn't look like it's that much wood that needs to be removed, and any inherent wiggles or imperfections would be hidden by the bridge plate. Your thoughts?
Your thoughts?

If you are asking the original poster dm251z he was Last seen Feb 26, 2009. The thread itself is from 2008.

Regarding routing or making adjustments freehand using a Dremel freehand, see the post of Orpheo above. But why not just use a bridge that fits without modification in the first place.
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