Roasted maple, Vintage tint?


Putting together a Pj bass- already have the body which is an MJT shell pink PJ, and now getting ready to order the neck...

I live in the Northeast (New Jersey) where we really get a full 4 seasons. To combat fret sprout and still maintain some degree of the classic aesthetic, roasted maple seems to make sense for the shaft wood. My question is: Does anyone have pictures of a roasted maple neck finished with the vintage satin tint?
Living in a similar environment, after you've set up the guitar correctly, with the warmoth parts , Fret sprout is a non issue.
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I'm in northeast NJ also (Teaneck). I have 3 roasted maple Warmoth necks. I have zero issues with fret sprout. None of the necks I have are tinted. My guess is you'd wind up yellowing the roasted color a bit.
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