RLW - Danny D's Guitar Hacienda

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You have any experience with these guys?  They're in the hacienda looking building in League City on Highway 3.

They're kind of weird. I tried to buy a Taylor 12-string there a year ago, got totally ignored while they huddled around some kid whose mom was buying him a Squier Strat-Pak. I left and bought a Veillette.
I could see that.  They've got goofy anecdotes about all of their employees.  I'm looking at taking mine there or Great Southern Music to get built and then work on the next one myself so I'm not left with nothing to play if somehow screw it up royally.  They were recommended on another site I'm on and they're a whole lot closer than Great Southern in NW Houston.  They were also recommended, but every time I talk to them it seems like they're almost annoyed at me for calling.
I used to go to Lone Star in South Houston, but he seems to be semi-retired these days. They are the best shop I've ever dealt with, period.


Call first if you decide to go there, they keep odd hours these days.