Home built semi-hollow maple body.

Wow, absolutely love it!  8)

How hollow is it? Just on the soundhole side, or on both sides?
Great job, I love the binding in the soundhole!  :eek: :eek:
whoa! good job! thats a sexy piece of work. about time someone built a rickentelebacker. hehe
Yeah, really, what more can be said here except WOW.  Clearly you had a vision here and from the looks of it, it was VERY well executed! Home built body? Really?  Again, WOW!
That guitar is pure class. The action looks a bit higher than what I usually set on my guitars. I bet that neck pickup would sound killer when playing with a slide. That's purely speculation though.  :guitarplayer2:
I can't speak to what Warmoth's Chamber of Secrets holds, but you can order a chambered body and cut your own f-hole - CAREFULLY.

Chambered?  No.  Hollow (Thinline)?  Yes.

The F-hole on the chamberd Tele is F-hole shaped even if not exposed on the top.  The Ric-style F-hole wouldn't jive with the existing F-hole.  The Thinline is wide open.
I thought as much, and I hate when others are semantic sticklers, although I do it a lot.  It would be a shame if someone orderd a chambered body and tried to cut in their own design F-hole.
you know not to borrow what's been said... but WOW was exactly what I said when I looked at this one too!

Rick is pretty tough on their trademarks - I don't know that they could claim a shape for the cut out though... 
I think this is what Tom Petty would ask Santa to get for him for Christmas. Looks like a million bucks though man--really, REALLY finished and professional looking.