Replacement neck for '06 Fender Pro Strat Custom Classic


Hello from a new member. I would really appreciate help with a neck issue I have. I have the 21 fret '06 model of the Fender Pro custom classic strat. The newer '07 Pro strats have 22 frets and the truss rod hole in the headstock, which is a big plus. I am happy with the 21 frets but the extra fret does come in handy once in awhile. I know it is next to impossible to get a direct replacement neck from Fender but I would love to be able to just buy one and slap it on. I guess my only other choice would be to order one from Warmoth. I do want it to have all the features of the 22 fret Pro strat neck. The thing about this neck which makes it hard to just find a new neck and bolt it on is the fact that it has the contoured heel from the Jeff Beck model. It has 4 bolts but is not set up in a square pattern but rather offset on one bolt. Is there any place to buy a direct replacement for my Pro strat where I can just bolt it on? I guess one alternative is to hunt on ebay but that could take awhile. I would also like to check into Warmoth. Would they be able to make the neck I want? The thing is, I don't even know how to order. How much would a finished neck (poly-satin finish) be with 22 frets, a headstock truss rod adjustment hole, Big 70's CBS era headstock, LSR nut set-up, ability not to use string trees, maple fretboard (I know there are choices for wood...I'd like quartersawn or birdseye, one piece preferably), and of course the contoured heel Jeff Beck style. Do I go for the vintage-modern? Do I go for the bi-truss rod? What kind of truss rod is even in the '07 Pro custom classic neck, anyhow? Any help in either finding a direct replacement neck ('07 Pro strat custom classic neck) or ordering up a Warmoth neck that would have all the specs I've named would be really, really appreciated. Thanks alot from a new member  :headbang1:
You want the Vintage Modern neck design. Everything you're asking for is definitely doable... except I'm not sure about the jeff beck heel. Don't know what it looks like. If the only difference is the mounting hole pattern, then no problem. Order with no mounting holes, and drill them yourself (or have a tech drill them).

However, if the neck heel shape itself is different, then who knows. Call warmoth. Good luck!

PS The cost for this thing (without a totally custom heel shape), is ~ $330. I think..

Vintage Modern CBS strat, birdseye (193) or quartersawn (197). Let's say 195 for ease
LSR nut prep 45
Satin finish 75
No neck mounting holes 15

For use without string trees, use tuners with staggered post heights.
ive seen this neck heel. It is different enough, like the old 70's 3 bolt heel, that i dont think they'd be able to make you a neck for it without a giant upcharge.

here is my 3rd gradesqu drawing of what i think you are talking about



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