Repair/Modification - Tacoma/Puyallup/Bonney Lake etc.

Hi my name is Mark Stockwell (Stockwell Guitars), and I am the longtime guitar repairman @ Ted Brown Music in Tacoma, and now Puyallup, as well as running my own shop in Buckley (near Bonney Lake).  I can do most any modification you need!  I specialize in fitting new necks to guitars, and making sure the frets are level, so that it can be set up for optimal play.

My experience is that most necks need a little fine tuning...even awesome warmoth necks, once they are strung up on the guitar.  Usually some minor fret leveling, and/or some adjustments to the nut slots.  Not to mention, resetting your saddles for great action, and checking your intonation!

custom electronics, and switches are no problem here either...whatever you want.  Maybe a custom pick guard?  Or a custom headstock?  Or minor finishing? 

I really enjoy the 'one of a kind' stuff...

call or write anytime!