removing stripped screw from string tree?

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the bloody thing stripped just at the spot where i'ts not quite all the way in but too far in to grab the head of the screw with pliers.  I can't get a grip on the screw itself because the string tree is in the way and i just keep spinning the string tree.  And I can't grip the inside of the screw itself either.  I'm not really sure what to do.. I have one idea and I"m not sure if its stupid or not.

I was thinking of soldering one of my screw bits to the screw itself and then twisting it out with my driver.

Is this a really stupid idea? or will it work?
You'll just bust the solder trying to screw it out. You need a small set of needle-nosed vise grips; comes in handy for this situation and lots of others around the house...
Yea, what he said - the solder won't hold.

Another alternative is to cut the head of the screw off, remove the tree, then use regular pliers to get the remaining screw out.
the dremel idea woudl've been great, I already drilled the head of the screw off, I dont hav emoney for tools ATM unfortunately.
Looks like you have two options then.  Find some good with a drill press and drill it out, or use the =CB= method for tuner screws.