Removing a finish



Any suggestions for removing an opaque paint job on a body? It's really thick, and I'm pretty sure it's poly and not lacquer.
Depends if you're gonna be putting on a clear finish, or another opaque finish afterwards. For anything to-be-opaque, I'd just use paint stripper. I've done it a couple times and it's great (and kinda fun too).

You could do a clear finish afterwards if you're really careful, but I always find myself dinging up the wood a tad with the scrapers when I scrape all the gunk off.
I have done that a couple of times, but it's very messy.. and aggressive stuff too..

Next time I am going to try one of those hair drier type strippers.. I heard they work really well with thick poly finishes.
Here's a link to an old posting; there's a stripper that will make that poly wipe right off without taking the skin off your fingers as well mentioned with links:
Oh, that... Had my setup guy look at it and the truss rod in the neck was defective; it appears that getting a replacement isn't going to happen as the HongKong company I ordered that from stopped selling on eBay. May wind up making a lamp out of it or something, wouldn't bother stripping/refinishing it...