recommended middle pickup for seymour duncan vintange stack neck and bridge


I'm building a Nashville tele with Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack neck and bridge pickups. What is the recommended pickup - in terms of output level balance - for the middle pickup position?
Generally you want something in the middle that has less output than the bridge, and more or the same output as the neck. That said, I’ve got a Nashville tele loaded with Dimarzio
B = area tele
M area 61
N minihum
The middle has less output than the neck but it works. They are all very close in output, so I say just pick something you like.
If you pick something with more output in the middle you can lower it so it will be out of the way of your picking. You never know till you put the thing together. You never know till you put it together. You never know
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If you read the last paragraph of the blog entry on their website, Seymour Duncan recommend the STK-S4m "Classic stack plus" for this application.

I can tell you the Duncan STK-S4m (middle pickup) is "South Up" magnetic polarity, but it doesn't matter unless you want to use coil split switching.
I dunno, I still think you're gonna want that sweet Invader power in the middle
The Invader could be too much, possibly. If going the "humbucker route", try a Duncan '59 like the Wayne Kramer signature Strat.