Rear routed strat


Anyone have a tutorial of how to mount a single coil sized pickup (hot rails in my case) to a rear routed strat body (neck position)?

Looks like the hotrails come with the holes threaded, I take it i'll need to drill those out into clearance holes and thread the wood?
Also i'll need some springs or foam to make it height adjustable I take it?

I would also like to know if the pocket needs shielding and if that shielding needs to be grounded to the bridge?
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I always direct mount my pickups. I use these screws from allparts

They are #3 screws which will fit without drilling in the Hot Rails.

I use Neoprene weather stripping for the foam under the pickups it can be bought at your local hardware store for a few bucks for a huge roll.

The shielding paint can be added and does not need to be grounded. It is creating a faraday cage and those work without grounding.

Hope that helps.
For me, humbuckers no shielding. Never had a problem. If there's a problem you could always add it in, but why hassle yourself, unless you enjoy hassles.