Real Warmoth...?


Hey there guys, I recently bought a Telecaster from a guy and he said it was a Warmoth. I looked on the Warmoth website and found that the color of it is very similar to a Warmoth color and that it has the headstock veneer just like Warmoth does. So it seems to be a Warmoth, however, when I unscrewed the neck there was no little turtle or logo or anything there. Not there or on the body. What do you guys think?
Here are the pictures. The guitar is about 10 years old, so maybe they didn't do the logos back then? I dunno...


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Even before the name became Warmoth, which was a lot longer than 10 years ago, they always had the turtle logo
Warmoth doesn't make tele pickguards without the control plate notch, and all their control cavity covers are plain black.  This might have changed in 10 years, though, I have no idea.  Can you show us a picture of the neck pocket?

Is that a piezo bridge?  Weird guitar but it looks cool!!  If it plays well I wouldn't dwell on it too much.
Yeah, it plays awesome, but the thing is that I'm trying to sell it and had it advertised as Warmoth. Eh... sketchy situation... was anyone around ten years ago? Maybe things've changed.
If the neck doesn't say warmoth I would assume it's not one, as there's no other reliable way to tell. The pickguard is circumstantial evidence against. The turtle logo in the neck pocket could have been painted over; the rear route cavity and strat switching looks about right to me, very warmothy, though I've never seen one in person.
So, Neck - assume no
Pickguard - no? Does pickguard manufacture matter?
Body - routing suggests maybe

Bottom line - show me the turtle.
i'm looking at the cover for the rear route compared to my rear route tele. that one seems larger, it looks slightly closer to the string ferrules but it is hard to tell from the photograph. the cover also looks more symetrical from top to bottom than mine. i think warmoth is very much about consistentcy and compatibility so i dought that they have changed this, and without a turtle i'd bet it's not a warmoth. the guitar is pretty and if it plays/sounds good then who cares if it is a warmoth.