Radical Shapes reduced?


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Uh...I guess Warmoth is no longer making Mockingbirds, Eagles, and Warlocks?

I wish I had money so I could have the purple Mockingbird that's in my Warmoth Guitar Wish List!

Are they really no longer available?
I'm guessing that W are trimming their lineup for economic reasons. It makes good business sense to concentrate on the more 'popular' models. However I hope the less mainstream bodies like the BCRs et. al. might still be available even if they only do them as a custom body order. After all they will still have the CNC programs. It may be a licensing issue though and that could spell the end of them completely. Maybe Gregg can shed some light ???
Unfortunately Warmoth no longer offer the BC Rich inspired bodies per demand of BC Rich.
But yeah, it may be possible to request a custom body.  Email...
There's a little more on this topic on Page 2 (at point of posting this) -- 'Is it true?'