Quick Squier questions


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Just got hold of a Squier II Precision bass that we're gonna fix a bit to make it playable again. Tuners we're shot and the bridge missing a sadddle, the neck looked weird and the electonics, well not exactly in super shape. Changed most of the crap with some old parts and some spare warmoth parts I had lying around and it's realy starting to work. The body is probably MDF or something and the neck is super but we'll put some money into it and see.

the question is, does anyone know how different a squier pickguard would be to a fender standard/warmoth? As i mentioned its' a squier II precision, year:??? 96 or 86 from the neck

neck is probably ready to be changed aswell, havent measured to much, so would anyone know if it will fit?

pics if needed :icon_biggrin: my cellphone camera is not good

In other news: My bass order has been placed and hopefully in production now! Hope it will be a christmas gift for myself.

:rock-on: everyone!