Question about Warmoth Contoured Heel


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Hi, I'm an unfrozen caveman from the 1960's.  Your high-tech world of rocketcars, digital television and compound fingerboard radii frightens and upsets me. 

This "Warmoth Contoured Heel".. does it require getting a neck SPECIALLY MADE for the contoured heel body?  It looks like the neck screws would go in at an angle, and thus an off-the-rack strat neck might not work, or it might get screwed-up real good.  Because a standard run-of-the-mill strat or tele-type geetar would have the neck screws going through the heel and into the neck almost exactly perpendicular.  Kind of like the difference between driving in a straight line, or veering off to the side into a fruit vendor's push cart.

Anyone know, preferably from experience?  Also, I'm generally a "more wood-more tone" kind of guy.. has anyone an opinion on whether there's a tonal price to pay?

Nope; you just have to use a special set of neck screws with two shorter than normal. The neck pocket sits on  the same plane as without a contoured heel, the screws still go straight through, not at an angle.
Hey T62

I've got a contoured heel on my strat, and I just bolted a standard Warmoth neck straight on to it.  You have to make sure you order the correct neck screws (2 long and 2 short), if you order the 4 'normal' neck screws 2 of em'll bust straight through your lovely shiny new 'board.  And dont worry, they screw in perfectly perpendicular to the guitar.

Personally I doubt there's enough wood taken away to make an awful lot of difference to the tone, and the stablity is not compromised in any way either (in my opinion).  The combinations of woods and pickup choice will have more of difference on tone, so it kinda depends on what you're gong for.

I'm guessing from your name that you are looking at a Tele build, but my experience only comes from strat.  Perhaps the other guys might have more insight???

Over to you chaps........

The contoured heel is great, improves playability noticeably, and has no downside, beyond looking a lil funny and a $35 charge. I have it on a tele. You can put a fender spec neck on it (non-warmoth too) that you want. You may lose an ounce or so of wood but I've no idea why that would affect the tone - a humbucker rout probably removes just as much wood. Do it!