Q Pickups - Coil tapping

Frankie Chestnuts

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Forgive me if this topic has been covered.

I am looking into tele pickups, classic tele twang.  Old school country tone.  But I would like to option of being able to play higher output, overwound tones. So it comes down to coil tapping as a logical option.  I've looked at the Seymour Duncan quarter pounder with tapping options.  Then I came across "Q Pickups" on Reverb: 


They are out of Croatia, but have excellent feedback.  They also seem to be high end, and are willing to work with you for custom builds.

Does anyone have any feedback working with these guys?  Also, anyone have other options for coil tapping?  Thanks for all your help.
In the spirit of the unofficial warmoth board may I suggest bill lawrence tele pups but include a series option when you do the switching.
The q pickups would be more known in europe than the usa.
Perhaps Harry Haussel may have an option for this. Actually now I think about it he makes the tapped tele pickups for Ingo Raven's mk-guitar offerings called Walk of Life pickups.
Check out Dave at Zhangbucker.

He can do tapped Tele pickups.  In fact I have both bridge and neck Tapped Paul Bunyans.
Not here.
But I can say when I was looking for tapped Tele pickup back in 06, Dave created one.  I have the 1st ever tapped Paul Bunyan.  It’s a bridge as it was originally in an Esquire. It’s great.
Until this thread I had not heard of Q Pickups. Perhaps they are fine and the Reverb shop has a 100% rating and they are not too expensive. Only one way to find out I would say.