Ptcoustic Bass (P bass in a T body with an acoustic vibe)

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This is a P-type bass in a T-style body with an acoustic bass appearance. The idea was inspired by the Turner Model One guitar made famous by Lindsay Buckingham and manufactured by legendary luthier Rick Turner who was a founder of Alembic, maker of some of the best basses ever made.

- Double-bound hollow mahogany Warmoth body with sitka spruce top
- Flame maple slim-taper Warmoth 2+2 J-width neck with 24 fret figured ziricote fingerboard and graphite stiffening rods
- Nordstrand angled pole P bass pickup with poles blacked out using a bit of black fabric under the cover
- Passive electronics - 500k CTS audio-taper pots with .033 mf orange drop capacitor
- Babicz Z-Series bridge - smaller footprint vs original series goes better with the small body
- Hipshot Ultralight tuning machines
- Faux sound hole and rosette custom made for us by Axetremecreations - looks simple but was very difficult to produce
- Logo neck plate and truss rod cover by LazrArt
- Clear gloss body finish and tung oil neck finish
- Weight is 8.6 pounds and balance is perfect

We asked for extra heavy mahogany for the body and did everything possible to lighten the neck in order to prevent neck dive which is common for this body style.

We have several different sound "hole" and rosette combinations. Two are show here. Black plastic hole with tort rosette and rosewood hole with abalone rosette.

Portable hole under license agreement with Acme, The Roadrunner and of course Wile E. Coyote.

Sounds like a P bass with a little bit of subtle acoustic-ish hollow-body tone.


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I cannot believe no one has commented here yet, but I think it bears repeating - as I have said elsewhere - that is a tremendous piece of work.  Very classy appointments and a lovely rethinking of what a bass can be.