PJ/Strat Double Neck Pickguard


I have run into an issue with the on-line ordering form and I sent an email to Warmoth.  I thought I'd post it here in case someone knows the answer.

My next build is going to be a double neck bass & Strat.  The body builder worked fine no issues.

The issue is when I try to order the pickguard.

The Strat (lower) bridge pickup body rout is REVERSED.

When I try to order a pickguard, there is no option for the lower bridge pickup opening to be reversed. All there is an option for a regular Strat single coil.

How do I specify that I want the Strat (lower) bridge pickup opening on the pickguard to be reversed?


Pick the closest one and put in the order notes what you actually want to match the body rout of the body. It is probably an error in the options for that pickguard that was missed when the "new" website was launched.