PJ fretless

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Hi from Italy, I'm new with this forum so I introduce myself.
I'm a bass player with a little recording studio. Ok nothing special.
I'm very interested in Warmoth stuff, I wish to build a fretless precision, with a pj pickups configuration.
With another fretless, but with jazz configuration, I was able to obtain a good sound with full neck pu an so to say 80% neck pu.
A full warm sound with only a touch of bite, not a jaco sound and I don't want it. Something nearer to a contrabass to my ears. So I'm thinking that a pj configuration could be better, I mean the P  pickup is way more full and robust than the neck pickup of a jazz bass. And I love the shape of the PBass body.
I was thinking to an EMG PJ system (I have a jazz bass fretted with emg and I very happy), but with a fretless I'm a little confused. Maybe a pair of good passives (lindyfralin, bartolini).
Any thoughts?
Many thanks in advance and sorry for my little english.

FIrst, welcome to the forum!  :eek:ccasion14: I had great time with the Italians that I met... all very alike brazillians  :cool01:

Don't know much about bass, so I'll let it to some guys here with more knowleadge... Just and add to that list, our friend SkuttleFunk ( bass builder) always said the best pickups he ever had was Nordstrand and I'll add too that a frien who was a '62 Pbass bought a Pbass pickup from Bare Knuckle Pickups and compared two side-by-side and said: "sound the same"... there is no mention in the website from they about bass pickups, but they build it... those two companies I've said are boutique line... BKP is from UK, so perhaps you can find easier in a store or pay less shipping...

Sounds very good the project, so don't forget: when it's already done, give us pics or it doesn't exist  :laughing7:
Oops, I'm sorry but right now I'm understanding that the correct section of this forum for my question is pickups.