Piezo pickups


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Anyone have experience with passive the setup linked below? Looking at using a pedal style preamp.
most people I talk to say it makes more sense to use an onboard preamp. My issue with an onboard preamp is the guitar is a tele and I'm worried about 60 cycle hum from the single coils and onboard electronics.
Let me know if you have any ideas.


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I have two guitars that use piezo (what's the plural of piezo) and battery operated preamps, and there is no hum.  One of them you can see in my avatar.  As to the one you link to in your post I never used it so can’t say.  But using a battery operated pre-amp presents no issues regarding hum unless it's defective.


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Onboards are powered by battery/DC, not 60hz AC power. Hum isn't really a concern.

If you plan to drive one electric amp with both signals, mixing in a little piezo a la jam band or jazz fusion, then an onboard preamp is the way to go. Many will let you mix them them both into one mono cable or split out in stereo to keep electric and acoustic seperate.

If you plan to run separate rigs for acoustic and electric, then the stereo output is a very workable. You can go straight to an acoustic amp (preamp will be built in) or choose your own preamp and go direct to mixer/PA. But you are committed to using a stereo Y splitter when using the piezo.