Pickup, pickup ring height question

Johnny Roastbeef

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                I received my Strat body with mahogany core wood and roasted swamp ash laminate several months ago but due to so much going on I haven't been able to do anything except get some of the parts together for now. The body has rear control cavity, 720 mod, 7/8 (I think) edge drilled output hole, No forearm contour, sprayed clear.

  - This is where a few questions came up.

      (1.)  This axe is going to be a hard tail and I went with a Fender American Standard Flat Mount bridge. I was hoping the low height metal pickup rings would work out with this bridge? It says the metal pickup rings I got are 1/16" and then I saw where it mentioned using a black plastic short pickup ring with a metal chrome ring stacked on top looks BOSS. Maybe I will get a couple thin plastic pickup rings and check it out unless someone has that same bridge and can tell me what height rings will work?

      (2.)  I went with a Seymour Duncan JB pickup in the bridge and a 59 Jazz in the neck position. Since the string spacing is 2.08 in the  Fender American Standard Flat Mount Bridge should I go with a JB Trembucker or JB Humbucker in the bridge position? (to get the proper string spacing over the pickup poles?)

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me !   


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Hi, Johnny -

1.  The short black pickup ring with the chrome guy on top will still be low enough to give your strings clearance.  If you do want more clearance, you can sand it with 220 paper on a flat block.

2.  The pole spacing on your pickups will be fine.  Perfect alignment of strings over poles is cosmetically gratifying but as long as the string is well within the magnetic field the pickup generates, you will get suitable performance.  And you almost have to deliberately install the pickup off-center for this to be a practical issue for your E-strings, and it will literally never matter for your inner strings.

Best of luck, and congrats in advance on what will no doubt be  a glorious axe.