Pickguard for Warmoth Precision Body with rear rout ? Help please


Hi there !

So I have a Warmoth precision body with rear routing.

The other day I ordered two different super expensive Fender pickguards and guess what. They do not fit. The upper part of the pickguard where the neck joins the body fits perfectly but the three holes for the tone/volume/blend controls do not fit at all.

I read that Fender pickguards should fit a warmoth body perfectly. Does this only account fr precision bass bodies with a top routing ?

Where can I get a Pickguard for my Warmoth body ?

Does anybody in here have a pickguard sketch for a warmth p bass body with rear routing that I can use to order a custom pickguard from a luthier ?



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Pickguards are made for bodies with top routing which is why it can not be expected to fit.

People using rear rout bodies are usually doing so in order that no pickguard is required. So I do not know where you would or could get a drawing. Perhaps you could make a drawing based on the pickguard you have and also the body you have. Or simply use it sans pickguard as the rear rout is designed for.