photo finishing


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is there any way i can glue photos on to a guitar a finish over top of it???

im just wonering because i think it might be cool to build a guitar for my grandfather and put pictues of his past on it , pictures of his family....
I gotta say I don't like the idea... I think it would look kind of corny.  You don't want to end up with this:


But if you're into that sort of thing you could probably get it printed on vinyl at Kinkos and shape it over the body.

Or were you thinking of more of a collage thing?  You could probably do that with shellac or something.
do you think i can use this stuff.....,190,42942
maybe you can use decal paper, and just print out pics and slide them on.

I have seen several of the hobby stores sell decal paper for photo printers and for laser printers, you might pay $10.00 a sheet , but if it works, it works

I don't remember which site I thought was the best choice,