Peavey Royal 8 or Crate V5


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Any opinions on this amp?  I've been lurking for a small all tube amp, and people seem to like these.  Any opinions?
Never heard of a royal 8. I've got a valveking 50 watter and thats a brilliant, not too loud valve amp and for the price there literally is no competition.
You could wait till they get the Royal 8s in stock at Guitar Center in Overland Park and just go play them both yourself....
I have a Crate Palomino V16 which really kicks ass! I would really recommend one.. never tried the peavey
Not sure about the V5, but the Royal 8 is really low-gain. My friend has it and needs a boost pedal to get any distortion.

(His guitar does have crappy pickups, though.)
Another small amp on the market, it seems Crate is behind this. It's a copy of Epiphone Valve Junior + a few options. I have the Epiphone head and it's too loud for my apartment so the 3/5 Watt switch is a good option as the EQ.