Paint holds around the edges of the path. Need guidance


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Shark Vacuum Comparisons: Shark NV501 vs Shark NV752

Cleaning the house is time-consuming and exhausting for many homeowners. That's why everyone needs
The Best Vacuum Cleaner from the best vacuum brand, such as Shark. Shark is a reputable brand for making the best upright vacuums, while there are Shark stick vacuum and handheld vacuums.

If you're looking for a reliable upright vacuum with outstanding performance and value, the Shark NV501 and Shark NV752 are both suitable options. From the outside, they might look similar within the same price range. However, we will look into the differences between each model to see which one might suit you best.


Both of these models are from the Shark Rotator vacuum category. The NV752 is slightly more expensive and weighs a little more than the NV501 model. Let's find out the similarities and differences between the two models after the product specifications.


Production Specifications

Shark NV501

  • Dimensions – 12.1 x 12.2 x 45.7 inches
  • Lift-Away Technology – Yes
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal – Yes
  • HEPA Filter – Yes
  • Dust Cup Capacity – 0.88 quarts
  • Weight – 15.5 lbs.
  • Wattage – 1150
  • Cord Length – 25 feet
  • Hose Length – 8.4 feet
  • LED Lights – On floor nozzle
  • Cleaning path – 9.5 inches
Shark NV752

– 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches

Lift-Away Technology – Yes

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal – Yes

HEPA Filter – Yes

Dust Cup Capacity – 0.88 quarts

Weight – 16.7 lbs.

Wattage – 1150

Cord Length – 30 feet

Hose Length – 6 feet

LED Lights – On floor nozzle and handle

Cleaning path – 10.5 inches


· They are both Shark Rotator upright vacuums

· They both have an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal and HEPA filter to trap up to 99.9% of dirt and debris inside the machine.

· Both include a swivel steering for better control and maneuverability.

· LED lights help you clean in dark areas and make sure all dirt is removed.

· Both the NV752 and NV501 include several helpful tools and attachments.



Both of these best vacuum cleaners in the world are upright bagless models with long cords. The NV752 has a longer cable of 30 ft than the 25-ft power cord of the NV501. Both have similar designs but you can differentiate the two models by their shapes and colours.

Lift-away technology

These models include Shark's Lift-Away technology which lets you detach the canister pod from the central unit. The differences between these two are the NV752 provides an advanced powered Lift-away while the NV501 offers a standard Lift-away technology.

A powered Lift-away system lets the brush roll spin in the lift-away mode so that you can clean those hard-to-reach places underneath the furniture or above-ground spaces. The brush roll doesn't work in standard lift-away mode, so it is harder to get rid of all the dust and particles.



The NV752 is somewhat more expensive than the other model. The NV752 is an excellent choice for cleaning pet hair with a powered Lift-away feature. In comparison, the NV501 is cheaper for anyone who looks for a budget version. The NV501 is excellent for cleaning all floor types and is slightly lighter.

Final Verdict

Both the Shark NV752 and NV501 can generate strong power suction that lasts for a long time. It is hard to decide between two almost identical models; however, if you love a powered lift-away technology and a longer cord, the NV752 will be your best choice.

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How resilient to chipping is paint on the edges of a Floyd Rose rout? 

The answer is it depends on which paint, how the guitar is used, looked after, how carefully maintenance is done etc.

I have had a number of Floyd equipped guitars over the years - some with recessed routs and some not with different types of finishes and I have not personally experienced chipping in that area so you may be concerning yourself more than needed.


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About 95% of my guitars have floyds, both recessed and non and I've never had any paint or finish issues around the routes...

And welcome... :eek:ccasion14:


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Should be fine.

One of the early steps of finishing is "breaking the edge". Going to all the routes and slightly sanding/rounding/softneing the extreme right-angle edges. Lacquer doesn't stick well to sharp edges so it gets rounded, just a little.


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Shouldn't be a problem, but if something does happen it can fixed, or it can called character.