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Why is the Shark NV360 worth your spending?

The Shark navigator lift-away deluxe professional bagless vacuum (nv360) has 4.6 stars on Amazon ratings based on global customer feedback, which is quite impressive for an upright vacuum. Now, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth your spend. In this
Shark NV360 Reviews, we’ll take you through its specifications and performance. So read on as we explore more!


• Dimensions: 14.96'' x 11.4'' x 45.5''

• Total weight: 12.5 lbs

• Canister weight: 7.5 lbs

Detached canister to enhance portability

HEPA filter

• Anti allergen complete seal technology

Swivel steering

• Dirt capacity: 1.2 dry quarts

• Motor power: 1200W, 10 Amps, 120V

• Cord length: 25 feet

• Cleaning path width: 11 inches

• Crevice tool: 5.5 inches

2. Multi-floor cleaning

Most of us have mixed floors of carpet, timber, tile, area rugs, and upholstered sofa or couch. Given this, it’s best to equip ourselves with a vacuum that can work on multiple floor types like the Shark nv360k navigator lift away deluxe professional bagless vacuum.

It is powerful enough to tackle dirt, debris, and pet hair on both hard floor and carpeted surfaces. More importantly, its suction power is adjustable, allowing a quick and smooth transition from hardwood to carpet floor types. Simply switch the brush roll on or off, depending on which surface you’re vacuuming.

3. Detached canister

Upright vacuum cleaners are usually heavy, but not all of them are built equally. The shark navigator NV360 is true to its name. It comes with a lift-away canister, offering users the versatility to turn it into a lightweight canister vacuum of only 7.5 pounds.

Carrying this portable tool around the house to tackle dirt and debris on various floor types is as easy as a breeze. This feature is undoubtedly a huge plus for homeowners looking for quick cleaning solutions with minimal effort.

4. Never Loses Suction Technology

This innovative cyclonic technology aims to separate dust from the air, ensuring the filters are clog-free. The anti-clogging mechanism maintains suction strength, resulting in consistent cleaning capabilities. Since the filters are resistant to clogging, the machine is also more durable, no matter how many times you use it.

5. Swivel steering

Maneuverability is what makes this blue Shark vacuum stand out from others. Its swivel steering head lets it navigate around furniture and tight corners without straining your wrists. On top of that, the machine’s smooth-gliding wheels also mean easy move around obstacles.

6. Hi-end filtration system

The vacuum filtration system is an essential factor contributing to the machine's overall performance. Yet, it’s usually ignored by many users and reviewers. Fortunately, this upright Shark vacuum comes with three filters: 2 pre-motor and one post-motor. All of them are washable and easy to clean for multiple uses. Its post-motor filter is a HEPA filter, making this machine an excellent choice for homeowners of asthma or allergy sufferers. More importantly, this lift-away vacuum also features an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology, offering users fresh and clean indoor air.

7. Useful accessories

The Shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 is equipped with four tools: a dusting brush, a pet power brush, an appliance wand, and a 5.5’’crevice tool. This set of necessary tools give users the versatility and flexibility to tackle all kinds of dirt, dust, and pet hair on tight or hard-to-reach corners. No spots in your house will be left untouched!

The bottom line

The Shark NV360 is a decent upright vacuum that offers optimum users convenience. Thanks to its lift-away canister, you no longer need to lug around a heavy machine. Vacuuming hidden places is also a snap. Despite its limited dust cup capacity, this machine is still a great choice for many homeowners. It’s certainly worth your investment!
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Hi there,

Welcome to the forum.  $300 or $400 sadly won't get you very far:  You might get a chassis and some parts, but certainly no enclosure or speaker.  Having said that, I'll suggest some options for you (from cheapest to best)

1 - weber VST.  The ted weber kits are about the cheapest and most configurable kits out there.  But!  They need a lot of fettling to make them good.  Besides schematics and wiring diagrams, there are no instructions.  These kids rely entirely on the electronics knowledge of the builder.  The parts quality ranges from 'just fine' to 'i'm so not gonna use that!'.  It's no problem to make a superb amp out of a Weber kit, but it's also pretty easy to make a big mess out of it too if you don't know what you are doing.  Check out my video series on building a deluxe reverb from a weber kit for more information:


2 - Ceritone.  These guys have a good variety of kits and are generally considered to be higher quality than Weber.  Instructions are a little better, but they still rely on the builder's knowledge a fair bit.

3 - Mojotone.  One of the highest quality kits out there.  Not as configurable as the weber kits, but the parts are (for the most part) top shelf.  Not a lot of instructions besides the schematic and wiring diagram though.

4 - TAD.  If you are located in the EU, this is probably your best bet.  I have not built one, but reports are they are fine and can make a great amp.

5 - Trinity amps have a great reputation, although I have never built one.  A great option if you are located in Canada.

6 - Tube Depot.  I have built one of these kits and they are excellent, with detailed instructions and top drawer parts.  The champ kit uses a PCB, which is unusual in amp kit land, but the end result was great.

7 - Stu-mac.  The Internet rumour are that these are essentially re-branded mojotone kits but with detailed instructions.  If you're a first time builder, this might be just the ticket.

There you go.  Have fun and let us know how it goes.  BTW, there are lethal voltages inside a tube amp.  Don't get yourself killed.