padouk neck finish (sealer)


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I really like the look and feel of raw padouk but can't resist thinking that it will absorb dirt, sweat etc in time. Do you think sealing the neck with  thin coats of tung, linseed or any other substance would be a good idea?
A light wipe down with WATCO Danish Oil will work on any exotic wood neck that doesn't require a hard finish to protect it.
That's great but i come from Poland and i'm afraid i won't find it here. What i can buy is tung and linseed oil. Any suggestions of a mixture i can prepare by myself? :sign13:
If you use tung or linseed oil you're going to wind up with a finish that takes away from the "raw" feel of the neck. If you can't find Danish oil; try looking for "teak oil"; what you want is a higher grade penetrating furniture oil type product, most typically sold for use on teak or other unfinished wood furniture. A light coat will product the padouk or other raw exotic wood from finger oil/grime/sweat, just reapply occasionally when it dries all the way completely back out.
I found sth like protective oil for raw exotic woods (label says teak and other exotic woods) by Starwax, hope that's the kind of stuff jackthehack meant.
I only do English and German, but found a Polish website where they're using the Starwax product you refer to on gunstocks, so it should be OK.

Curiously, when looking for that there is a Japanese hip-hop/gangsta label named Starwax; Japanese Gangsta Hip-Hop is PRETTY silly.....
All you have to do for a padouk neck is a few passes with 1000 grit wet/dry paper and a very light coat of WATCO Danish Oil .
Thats what I do on my padouk and rosewood necks makes them nice and smooth

You only want a light coat of it or it will open the grain of the padouk
Since Watco danish oil is not available in Poland i decided to use that Starwax, i applied it wiped off and it just lighly made that red padouk more live. I like it and hope it protects the wood from things you apply on wood when playing. The bad thing is a 0.5 l can costs about $20 and only used like 1/10000000 of the content.
"The bad thing is a 0.5 l can costs about $20 and only used like 1/10000000 of the content."

...looks like you need to get more guitars to build.
Can't let all that highly-valuable finish just go to waste, by not building more guitars.... :blob7:
That way i can apply for position of guitar tech of ZZ Top, think tose guys have hundreds of axes to take care but some of them require more like wool washing powder than oil  :rock-on:
Scotchgard and WD-40.  Gotta keep 'em white and spinning freely.  :guitaristgif: