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Well, what other forums are you guys signed up on?

I've got an account on the TDPRI now, (MaxL). I think I might sign up on the Les Paul forums, and the Seymour Duncan one, too.
(oh, what are your usernames, too?

I know Vol. Knob is on TDPRI, and DBW and Hannaugh have Les Paul forum accounts.
I'm on AGGH, Aussie Guitar Gear Head (That name 'Gear Heads' is a bit sus)-Screaming_Soloist
I'm on talkbass, though I don't remember my username and I haven't been there for a while.
I'm on OLF Official Luthiers Forum, thats just acoustic guitars though.
I was a long time member of the Plexi Palace until it started sucking (whiners) and the owner started being a kiss-@$$ to push his product.

Several of us from there split off and formed our own evil (heh) conservative amp forum.  We have no whiners, because
we all pretty much agree on the basics.  Although membership is small, we have as much cumulative knowledge about
guitars, amps and the like as any other big-@$$ board.  Several amp builders, guitar builders and even a pickup winder frequent there.

I generally don't bother with other places unless I need some quick info (search)... and more often than not, advice goes
through one ear and out the other; everyone's an "expert" on amps & guitars on the internet - and who wants to
argue with an idiot?  Certainly not moi.
The only other forum I frequent has nothing to do with guitars or even music.
Its a video-game forum called Through the looking glass (TTLG.com)

The only reason i'm on it is because a lot of the guys on there are like RSS bots, so I dont' have to sign up, and because I enjoy the kind of games made by the company the forum is based on.

But for the most part its full of annoying pricks who never have anything constructive to say.  This forum is definately homebase for me.
Same username.  www.dimarzioforum.com   www.jcfonline.com

Under the name Alter Ego  www.bloodydecks.com   :icon_thumright:

Under the name Steel Heals  www.350Zmotoring.com
I'm on far too many forums to list, the only other music one I'm a member of is the Prog Archives forum. The rest are a bunch of gaming forums ranging from the official Xbox forum to a Sega Saturn fansite or railway modelling forums. Oh and since I like to do a little game creating in my spare time I'm also a member of the Game Creators forum which is the official forum for a few different pieces of game creation software.
Definitely the Steel Guitar Forum. It's a much older crowd, with a high percentage of professional musicians - many, many studio owners, professional studio six-stringers and such play steel guitar. There are amp builders, cabinet builders, people who have actually owned thirty Telecasters, one guy is the go-to amp guy for L.A.'s guitarists (the only authorized Dumble repairman...) If you want to know why Buddy Emmons changed the design between the Sho-Bud and the Emmons, or what pedals and positions Paul Franklin used on an Alan Jackson hit, you'll get an answer from... Buddy Emmons and Paul Franklin. I've bought a lot of equipment there over the years, because they don't take NO prisoners.
I'm on....

Benzworld.org, for my car
and SolidStateLogic's Mixbuss forum, for my audio.

But this is my day to day hangout......
I'm only on this one (although i used to be on the Bose and Rickenbacker boards).

I waste too much time on this one already!  why would I be on more?? - besides, everything you need is right here... :icon_thumright:
Really the only other forum I read on a regular basis is...



although, I do check out the gear page forums from time to time.
TalkBass and Line6.
I haven't been active on the Line6 forums for a while now, but i am still a diehard fan.
I am still quite active on TalkBass, usually helping out in the pickups and electronics section.

I joined a tarantula forum once, but i never posted anything.
I'm on the following forums under the name of Crappy

here :headbang1:
Gibson Forum
Les Paul Forum
Fender Info-Base
John Petrucci Forum
My Les Paul and Texags.com both as the same name as here.

MLP is self explanatory.

Texags is a forum mostly for graduates, students, and fans of Texas A&M University, though there are quite a few folks from other schools as well.  That page does some insane numbers.
I actually can't really remember any other forum beyond the @U2 forums. That proved to be a bit of a mistake though, the populace consisting mainly of american evangelical christians yammering about god constantly. There have been others, but I've kind of drifted away and forgotten about them...