Opinions on Trem-Setter, Trem-locks?


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I'm going to be putting a non-locking whammy on my upcoming Warmoth 7-string. I want it for warbles and shimmers a la Jeff Beck, not divebombing or squealing. With that many strings, I figure to use at least four springs. It's been a few decades since I dealt with anything wobblier than a Bigsby (creak, creak, drool shuffle) , and they have all these new-fangled "improvement" nowadays. The Trem-Setter appears to be a hydraulic shock-absorber? Would there be any advantage, with four springs & seven strings?
i think with the trem setter you have less space for springs because the setter acts as a shock, and doesn't pull like a spring. so you need to put more presure on fewer springs, you can put three springs and a setter on with the stuff you get in the setter pack, im sure you could rig a four spring system with with the double claw and the two single claws.
watch the vid and read the faqs,

any way, you can put on up to 5 springs and tighten them all the way, with no problems. so i think 4 and a setter would work just fine. just don't brake the trem arm.
I think if you have the tremsetter installed the tremolo loses the ability to flutter. Not exactly sure though.
The sum of the string pull on any guitar depends on the strings, the tuning, and scale length.  Heavier strings have more pull.  Longer scale has more pull, and obviously higher than standard tuning has more pull (and lower has less pull).

The amount of pull is in the range of 140 to about 190 lbs

Through mechanical advantage, the pull can be offset by relatively light springs.  That is, the 160 lbs of string tension can be made to "balance" with just two or three fairly light springs in the trem cavity (on a Strat).

What the Tremsetter does, is add more tension, in both directions.  What that means is, it adds to the string tension, and adds to the pull of the springs with almost no "extra" pull in either direction when the system is in balance.  You lose nothing, except, you have to push/pull on the whammy bar with more force to overcome the added tension.  You can flutter it about as easily as making two step bends on .011 strings (if you're used to .009's).