Opinions on Lace Holy Grail strat pickups


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I'm going to start building a strat in a couple weeks and I need to choose some pickups.  I want it to be as noisless as possible yet retain the authentic strat tone.  In looking around I came across Lace Holy Grail pickups.  Has anyone tried them and what do you have to say about them?
I dont own them but had been thinking about buying some for my mij strat. Found a wesite that had great sounclips of these and some fralins. the fralins seemed to be a little brighter, but not noiseless. if they hadnt said what pickup was what, i would say that the HG's were good strat pickups. Ill try to find some of the sound clips when i get home.

this is even better

i found the link to this website that has all the clips...Hendrix stuff done by a pro so you can really listen to the pickups


there is the link. i must have lost my mind on the last post.