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Any ideas as to what I can do with this...

I was thinking at first a simple Tung oil, but maybe...
There's a zillion different directions you can go with; what neck/fretboard woods are you matching that up with?
I never liked black to [color] bursts on Gibsons, especially SGs. Those vintage '59 LPs are about as far as I would go.
Since it's a maple body, my route would be a mahogany or korina neck. Ooh, ooh, vintage burst with a trans red mahogany neck!!! Seymour JBs!
You have to look at it from the proper perspective.........


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This could work, the routing is right and you aren't covering anything special, grain wise


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Tweed said:
Since it's a maple body, my route would be a mahogany or korina neck.

I think the same... I'm completely tempted to get a Purpleheart neck with ebony fretboard... perhaps works too...
Wyliee said about purpleheart:
Wyliee said:
I've checked out many of the purpleheart/ebony bass necks we've made.  They have some of the deepest, clearest and longest sustaining tones of any wood combination I've ever tried.  For bass players wanting that clear piano like sound, I'd strongly recommend the combination.  And it is not light!

You may hear similar results with a guitar neck.  Just a guess though.


EDIT: You'll get all the treble details with the body and fretboard and as he said: "deepest, CLEAREST" I think it has a nice bass sound, not muddy but definited...