Olympic White Neck and Pick Guard Options


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I thought it would be fun to look at some neck and pickguard color options on this Olympic White that I finished rubbing out this morning.  I got to thinking about ozan's post regarding Olympic White lacquer and I though it would be good to show how much the color of the neck wood and the guard effect the over all look of the guitar.  This is a one piece swamp body that has been finished in Oly White over a sunburst so as it begins to relic it will look like on old Fender with the overspray on a blown burst.  Also notice that it has a lefty trem which is a cool option from Warmoth.  The first 3 have a brazillian board with;  # 1 mint guard which is the classic Fender Oly White vintage look, # 2 is an aged white 3 ply
which I prefer with the maple neck but looks ok with this neck, # 3 is the tortis which looks great with the maple but I do not like with the brazillian.  The next 3 have an off the charts birdseye maple neck that will be going on the guitar.  #4 is the mint and I think it looks totally wrong with maple, 5 is the aged white which I like with the maple and # 6  is the one my customer chose and will be on the finished guitar.  I have that combo on my Oly White and like it.  My favorite out of this bunch is #1, a classic combination.

Which do you all like the best?







??? How 'bout going a David Gilmour #0001 vibe? The birdseye neck, gold hw, gold anodized aluminum pickguard, Fender creme PU covers/knobs?

I'm diggin that with black pickups and controls, chrome hardware.

Mint is good, but I always figured mint is really never seen on a bright fresh oly white.  Both were white when new, but both aged a bit, hence the mint.  Mint to me, on early 60's bursts... looks best.
Wow olympic white over sunburst... will look awesome when it begins to relic.

From these combinations I will coose the second one.

By the way, as we talked about my project, I want more like a cream color, I mean between alphine white and cream. I think this one looks more like an alphine white, maybe because of the light.

I will use 62' white pickguard and my pickguard will look clearer than my body. Then I will go with parchment knobs and pickguard cover. The best explanation for what I am after for my body color is a parchment color.
Your customer's choice is nice, clean, very modern looking. I'm a fan of #1 though personally.