OK, what are guys doing here on Christmas Eve?!


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I'm guessing you've the the guitar builders sickness that lets nothing interfere with your main focus....the next build. I thought I would cruise over here and see who is ditching their family time!  :laughing7: 

Merry Christmas guys!
I'm pondering a HOLLOW alder Tele with a AAAAA flame maple top, tummy and forearm cuts. This means my mahogany thinline will be for sale, loaded or unloaded. Will keep my pau ferro neck for the hollow body. And that.... is why I am here now!!  :)
BB in SC
Nah, the family has just gone to bed so I thought I'd check the board one last time. We just watched A Christmas Story, then the Charlie Brown christmas. The latter is my favorite christmas movie of all time. (I know some people can't stand it, but hey).

PS Hey Gregg you're here too

Merry Christmas to my other family  :toothy11:
We watched It's a Wonderful Life.....our favorite Christmas movie.  :icon_thumright:
We kicked it with the grinch tonight. Then we got back to packing (moving in four days!)
my future uncle proposed to my aunt.  (she said yes)

he had brain surgery a while ago, and he hasn't change a bit. thats a gift in its self.

can't get pics to work, so i guess you won't get to see the 200 wires sticking out of his head.

accountant+love for hockey+13 concussions=epilepsy.
he got some scar tissue removed from the brain to hopefully stop him from having seizures.
they had to remove his right front temporal lobe in the process. hes the same as ever, looks great.