Ok... So recreating this guitar.


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But in different body shapes....


Thing is, I own this guitar... And I'm IN LOVE with the way it sounds... But not overly crazy about the way it plays.

But then there's a certain comfort factor to it ya know? Overall.... I'm CRAZY about this guitar.. nothing has ever matched up to it.. Not even my warmoth. Which I build around it for the most part. So I've been trying to figure this guitar out over the last year.. but I can't really.

So I've come to the best place I know for guitar problems. So can you guys help me figure out what exactly it is about this guitar that has me stuck on it? Because I want my Warmoth projects to sound and feel like this guitar... at least for the most part.

Any and all help is MUCH appreciated! :blob7: :rock-on:
How is the specs of the guitar that you own?

The best to have this guitar is copy the specs:
Mahogany body and neck with rosewook fingerboard...
The set-neck won't be possible easily... You would have MUCH work and if you're used to work with woods or won't have a good "tutor" the chance of shit happens is VERY high...

I would say:
With any of these:

The pickups on it are:
1 Seymour Duncan® SHPGP-1B Pearly Gates Plus Humbucking Pickup (Bridge),
1 Seymour Duncan® SH-1N RP ‘59 Reverse Polarity Humbucking Pickup (Neck)

As far as I know the Pearly Gates Plus is only possible to buy by Fender...
Yea, Well the set neck isn't much of a big deal.. I know there's a difference in set and bolt on, But it's not that noticable. And I've changed the pickups in the guitar to Seymour duncan SH-6 Bridge and neck. But is it that I'm always going to have to use Mohog. Bodies and necks with rosewood fingerboard? Because the guitar doesn't really sound that dark... Not NEAR as dark as I would think it would with those woods. Could it be the flame maple brightening it up? I need more options for future warmoth builds... more similar woods... Stuff of that nature. Suggestions?
??? Come again? I think I got you confused somewhere along the line... So let me clear things up... The Fender is the guitar O own with the SH-6 pickups. I want to make some of my future warmoth builds Sound and feel like the fender. What would my options be? I'm thinking that the nut width and the radius is playing a BIG part in the comfort of the fender neck, But I don't know what they are. I am just going to measure the nut width, but how do I measure radius?
The neck radius is 15 3/4" according to the site you listed.  The body wood will obviously affect the tone, but the pickups will have the most drastic change if you are looking for a particular sound.  The body and neck are mahogany for the guitar that you listed, Korina is a wood that is often brought up around the forum and for good reason.  It is similar to mahogany but with more bite.  Sorry, you will just have to put up with my descriptive terms here.  If you look at the wood descriptions that Warmoth provides for bodies and necks, that should not steer you to far from what you want.  The last thing you mentioned was the maple top.  If it is a reasonable thickness (3/4 of an inch on a Les Paul, well to begin with) it will brighten up the sound.  If it is a laminate (1/8th of an inch or so) you will not notice anything from it sonically.  If you are looking for something slightly brighter than Mahogany, I'd look at Korina.

I understood completely wrong!  :icon_biggrin:
Yes, As Pat have said, probably is something about the neck radius and the neck thickness...

Try to test a new Fender Standard, Gibson Standard, Ibanez... They have different radius and thickness, with warmoth you can match the thickness and radius that you must enjoy...

(this list was stolen from the Warmoth site :) )

Should be it!
The wood and p.u. you keep that ones that you enjoy!
Thanks again.. But here's another snag I've run into.. this neck it unusually thin.... So I'm thinking Wizard contures from here on out?

Try to measure it... And see if you like this thin, as you said it's not that confortable... I preffer thick necks and think "Ibanez" kind of neck very unnconfortable to play...
Well that's just the thing... It's thin... but not as thin and as flat as an Ibanez neck.. it's thin and round... but it doesn't feel like my standard thin I got from Warmoth...  ??? :icon_scratch: ??? :icon_scratch:
Another thing quite odd about this guitar... It's made in Korea and When I bought it it already had SD pickups in it.
Put it in a closet - don't play it or even look at it for 2 or 3 months.  Play the heck out of any other ONE (and only one) specific guitar during that time.  I am pretty sure you will not like it as much after that time.

I used to have a Gibson Les Paul ($1400 +) and a used Mexican Tele stock ($250).  I took the Tele with me to school since it was cheaper.  I hated the Les Paul when I went back home, and sold it on ebay a few years later.

Just use the pickups and put them in a Warmoth tele and you'll be good to go. 
The pickups in that model are either Seymore Duncans, or Fender designed.  Apparently they started with one and switched to the other at some point.  There is talk about it, and the general consensus is the SD pup's are more desirable.  I personally really like the Standard thin neck design, but that is probably because I really learned most of my bad guitar habits on a Fender Contemporary Strat.  Look that monster up for fun.  Needless to say, the contour of the neck on the Contemporary and the Standard thin are very close.  Now if I could just get enough money for a Spalted maple top bound in white on a Korina Tele with a Wenge neck that has a Ziricote fret board with some SS6105's and a couple of Bill Lawrence pickups, well, I guess that line of thought is best for the addict thread.