Ok, I'll bite


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I posted my baby in the old forum, and thought I'd move her on over :

"Well I promised you all pictures of my strat once it was finished. It took me a while, but I finally got the pictures developed and remembered to pick them up.

She is a gorgeous ol' gel with the voice of an angel. She will remain in my possession forever because I intended to be buried with her (j/k, it'll go to the kids, eventually)  ;).


1. Swamp Ash Stratocaster body
2. Flame Maple cap
3. satin chrome Wilkinson Vibrato
4. Tuxedo Plastics
5. Rio Grande: Mid Bottom Set
6. Purple Dye top and Black back

1. Flamed Maple Stratocaster neck (Warmoth Pro)
2. Jet Black Ebony fretboard
3. Abolone dot inlays
4. Stainless Steel frets
5. Graphtech nut
6. 10"-16" compound radius
7. 22 frets
8. satin chrome Sperzel Locking Tuners
9. Stevie Ray back contour
10. Satin finish

Well, here she is.


I'd like to thank Gregg, Jay, and Eric at Warmoth for putting up with my inncessant questioning, and Sam and Kim Shomaker for putting together the instrument of my dreams."
This is one HOT Strat, I said this before as well, If someone told me they were building a purple strat I probably wouldn't think too much othere than purple isn't for me; but when I see this guitar, Im like Holy Cr*p that is so Bad ass looking!!!! :eek:
Definantly one to always be thankful to own, sometimes I feel my guitar is a bit personal and specific in appearance, somewhat an aquired taste if you will. But this Strat is one of those that I feel is classic and sharp in every respect, a very nice job!
Very NICE!! :eek:

My next project may very well be along those lines.. Hows the tuning stability with the Wilky & Sperzels?
Tuning stability is not even an issue; the Sperzels and Wilky return to pitch every time. ;)  I will say I'm thinking about swapping out the Graph-tec nut for a bone or maybe Tusq nut.  It's been on there about 6 months and it starting wear down on the wound strings.  I got it because it's description said it was very slippery and that it'll reduce drag, and it does that very well, but IMO it's no better than a well lubricated bone nut.
Check out the features on this wicked axe...........Stevie Ray would have looked great holding this..............I love this Strat... :icon_thumright: